PSEO Guidelines

Washington State Community College Policy Statement on the Post Secondary Enrollment Options program

The college offers the following guidelines in support of the Post Secondary Enrollment Options program:

  • School personnel will be responsible for notifying and advising students and parents of the advantages and disadvantages of participation in this program.
  • The following criteria determine admission to the college and enrollment in classes:
    • To be admitted and enroll in classes in the same subject area as classes previously completed in high school, the student must have attained a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, or the equivalent, in such completed courses.
    • To be admitted and enroll in other classes, the student must have a cumulative grade point average 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.
    • Enrollment of ninth grade students will be determined on a case by case basis in consultation with parents and school personnel.
  • Ninth and tenth grade students may be limited in the number of courses for which they can enroll. College personnel will work collaboratively with students, parents, and school personnel to develop an individual educational plan for each student.
  • All students who wish to participate in this program will be required to attend an initial information session. This session provides an opportunity to learn more about the college and have questions answered. Parents are encouraged to attend this information session.
  • All students will be required to take a nationally recognized placement test in reading, English, and math. The results of this test will assist the student in making course selections. No student in this program will be permitted to take developmental courses. In addition, all course prerequisites must be met.
  • All students will be assigned an advisor in the Student Services Division of the college. The advisor will serve as an academic advisor during registration periods and as a liaison with both high school and college personnel to assist the student in being a successful participant in the program.
  • Before registering for classes, the student must:
    • Complete an application for WSCC/PSEO admission (including parent and guidance counselor signatures)
    • Submit a current high school transcript
    • Sign and return the WSCC Bookstore Policy and Authorization for Grade Disclosure (FERPA release)
  • Students enrolling in the program will be subject to the same policies and procedures, including academic standards, as are other Washington State Community College students.


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