Updated as of 4-27-2012

If I want to become a PSEO student, how and when do I let my high school know?

Each high school has its own process, but all require that you declare intent by August if you wish to be a PSEO student the following September (for example, by March 30, 2012 if you plan to be a PSEO student in September 2012). Some high schools require that you complete an intent form each year you attend as a PSEO student. Check with your guidance counselor for your school's rules.

If I withdraw from a class or fail, will I have to pay for the class?

Possibly. Each high school has a specific policy for failing or withdrawing from courses. Your high school may contact you about the cost of instruction if you fail or withdraw from college coursework.

Do I keep the books used each term at the college?

No. All books (except consumable workbooks) must be returned to the bookstore at the end of each term. Books must also be kept dry and in good condition.

Can I participate in high school athletics if I am enrolled in the PSEO program?

Yes. When you meet with an advisor each term, make sure you let that person know you participate in sports. He/she will enroll you in enough courses to meet state eligibility requirements.

May PSEO students take online courses?

Yes. It is recommended that a PSEO student wait until the second term of enrollment at WSCC before enrolling in an online course.

Do I have to attend full-time?

No. Many students attend on a part-time basis and also take courses at their high school.

Can I get a college degree by the time I finish high school?

It is possible to receive a two-year college degree by the time you finish high school. However, most students do not receive a degree but earn college credit to transfer to a four-year college or to apply to a Washington State technical degree.

Will I be treated differently than “regular” college students?

You will be treated the same as all other students on campus. However, there are some specific issues such as grade disclosure, etc. that are different.

Does Washington State Community College PSEO have an online presence?

Yes. We are on Facebook. Check it out here!

Where do I find an application for PSEO?

Click here to download a PDF application for PSEO.



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