Health Program Admission Requirements

Because of accreditation and Health Sciences licensing requirements and limited enrollment capacities, admission to health science programs at Washington State is on a selective basis. Prospective students are encouraged to review all admission requirements to the program they are interested in and apply early for acceptance.

Following admission, but before classes begin, the newly accepted student must:

  • Show proof of a current CPR certification that would be in effect for the academic years enrolled.
  • This certification is to include adult, child, and infant CPR and the Heimlich maneuver.
  • Provide required health information, and complete specified laboratory tests, to demonstrate evidence of the ability to satisfactorily complete the program objectives. Designated immunizations are recommended.
  • Receive a satisfactory criminal background check.

Residence Status

Preference in admissions to health programs may be given to Ohio residents.

Mental and Physical Requirements

Applicants to health programs should review the mental and physical abilities required to perform the essential functions for jobs in the field. Applicants are responsible to identify to the college any potential problem areas, and to recommend any particular accommodation they may need. Students with disabilities who enter the program must do so with the understanding that they will be expected to meet all course requirements, with any reasonable accommodation that may be provided by the college.

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