Tuition & Fees

Fee Structure and Installment Plan

Ohio resident students are charged $139.00 per credit hour for all hours scheduled. Non-Ohio, U.S. resident students are charged $278.00 per credit hour for all hours scheduled.

Note: Fee payment is now available online through WebAdvisor (except payment plan participants).

Fee structure - Effective Fall Term 2015

Credit HoursOhio ResidentU.S. Citizen Non-Ohio Resident
1 $139.00 $278.00
2 $278.00 $556.00
3 $417.00 $834.00
4 $556.00 $1112.00
5 $695.00 $1390.00
6 $834.00 $1668.00
7 $973.00 $1946.00
8 $1112.00 $2224.00
9 $1251.00 $2502.00
10 $1390.00 $2780.00
11 $1529.00 $3058.00
12 $1668.00 $3336.00
13 $1807.00 $3416.00
14 $1946.00 $3892.00
15 $2085.00 $4170.00
16 $2224.00 $4448.00
17 $2363.00 $4726.00
18 $2502.00 $5004.00
19 or more $139.00 per additional credit hour $278.00 per addition credit hour

The costs listed do not include technology fees, textbooks, supplies, laboratory fees, equipment, food and other expenses. Costs vary on the courses selected. Lab fees vary depending on the course.


Click here for the schedule of current fees.

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Click on individual courses to see the course fees.

Student Installment Plan

In order to help you meet the financial burden of a college education, we have designed the Student Payment Plan.

This plan is an alternative to the single payment of fees due at the beginning of each academic term. For a $25 non-refundable fee, registered students pay one-fourth (one-third for the summer term) of their fees by the published fee payment deadline. The remaining balance is divided into three (two for the summer term) installments and is payable on the established payment deadlines for each term.

To participate, students must sign a plan at the business office by the fee payment deadline.

For more information regarding Business Office schedules Click Here.

Re-Registration Fee

Students who registered for courses but have not paid 1/3rd down or made payment arrangements by the scheduled due date are subject to having their schedule dropped for non-payment and being charged a $40 re-registration fee should they re-register.

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