Policies & Procedures

Academic Honesty

Academic honesty is essential to the concept of education since the educational process has validity without it. Washington State expects all persons associated with the college to avoid any questions of academic honesty. Violations of this policy will be dealt with under the Student Conduct Policy. To that end, the college will not tolerate the following:

  1. Cheating: fraudulent acquisition of academic materials such as homework answers, test answers, essay concepts, laboratory results etc.

  2. Fabrication: invention of information for academic, research, or public use.

  3. Plagiarism: offering another person's work in any format or medium as one's own.

  4. Copyright Infringement: unauthorized use of legally protected text or graphics.

  5. Computer Fraud: unauthorized use of another person's files, or unauthorized entry into any electronic system or program.

Other Policies & Procedures

2016-2017 Electronic Student Handbook

The Washington State 2016-2017 Electronic Student Handbook is full of useful information for new and current students.

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