2011 Distinguished Alumna

Carissa Anderson '00
Outstanding Professional Achievement

2011andersonThe Washington State Community College Foundation is pleased to announce the 2011 Distinguished Alumnus Award for Professional Achievement is presented to Carissa Anderson for her accomplishments in communications and higher education.

Anderson stayed in close contact with Washington State after graduating with a liberal arts associate degree in March 2000. Carissa next attended Marietta College, where she earned her bachelor’s in organization communication magna cum laude. While continuing work towards a master’s degree, Carissa returned to Washington State to coordinate the College Tech Prep program.

Washington State’s Chief Academic Officer and Interim President Mark Nutter was one of Carissa’s nominators for the award. “Carissa returned to Washington State to provide leadership for our tech prep program,” commented Nutter, “Through those efforts, she built strong relationships with area school districts and helped inspire high school students to develop their talents.”

During that time, Carissa also served as co-advisor for the Alpha Gamma Rho Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa at WSCC, using her experience and charisma to inspire a new generation of successful Phi Theta Kappa students.

After completing her master’s in corporate media at Marietta College, Carissa moved on to pursue a position with Ohio University, becoming a liaison between that institution and Washington State. She began her position as Director of Articulation Services at OU in 2007.

Charles Bird is vice president emeritus of Ohio University and was Carissa's supervisor for several years before his retirement.

Bird says he assigned the important duty of relationship manager to Carissa, in which she worked directly to strengthen ties between the OU and Washington State. This included building and expanding transfer articulation agreements, as well as making the transfer process as positive and comfortable as possible for students.

“Carissa has made a major difference to enhance educational opportunities for other Washington State graduates,” said Bird, “Moreover; she has helped to build bridges between our academic colleges and community colleges, with the result that we have an increasing number of agreements in place for baccalaureate completion.”

Anderson is an extraordinary Washington State graduate and her career success and continuing ties to the WSCC campus is exemplary to fellow Washington State students and serves as proof of the quality of education provided by the college. Over the years since attending Washington State, Anderson has continuously maintained connections, such as through her earlier work as Tech Prep Coordinator, followed by her position as Articulation Services Director at OU, developing literally hundreds of program articulation agreements that enhance educational opportunities for Appalachian students. Due to her incredible success and loyalty to Washington State, the college Foundation is proud to bestow the Distinguished Alumnus Award for Professionalism Achievement upon Anderson.

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