Transfer 411

Your Five Step Journey begins here...

Determine the field(s) of study or major(s) you wish to pursue, and the school you wish to transfer to. 

Contact the WSCC Center for Student Success to meet with the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Call the admissions Office of the institution in which you are interested. Schedule a campus visit with the transfer institution's admission office.During your visit, ask to:

  • Meet with the admissions transfer representative
  • Meet with the financial aid counselor
  • Meet with the faculty/staff representative from your future major
  • Tour the campus and future classroom sites

Take with you to your visit:

  • Copy of your transcript and current class schedule (if you are still in class)
  • Current Washington State catalog
  • List of questions regarding deadlines, cost, fees, housing, registration, transfer credit, job placement opportunities, scholarships.

Once you have applied to a university/school, you will need to request that your Washington State transcript be sent to the receiving school. You may do this by contacting the Washington State records office. NOTE: Only transcripts sent from the sending school's records office directly to the receiving school's records office are considered as official.

If you are planning to use Financial Aid at your new college/university, make sure you inquire as to what forms are necessary for application.

  • Remember - Financial aid does not travel with you from college to college!
  • The Washington State financial aid office has specific information regarding transfer of funding.

Be sure to keep a complete copy of the course descriptions for all courses you have taken at Washington State. These descriptions can be found in the Washington State catalog.

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