Campus Safety

Campus Safety

Washington State's campus has low crime rates and continues to make every effort to keep the campus safe for students, employees, and the community. The information in this section is provided as part of our commitment to safety on campus and in compliance with the Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act of 1990 (a.k.a. The Jeanne Clery Act).

College faculty, staff, students and visitors are encouraged to be aware of their surroundings and to be responsible for their personal safety. Red emergency phones may be found in key locations throughout the campus to call for protection or help.

The section includes:

Emergency Plan

Emergency Response Plan

The Washington State Community College Emergency Response Plan is a comprehensive compilation of emergency protocols and procedures that should be followed and referred to during emergency situations.

In situations where you or someone else's life or health is threatened you should follow these directions:

  • 1 - Call 9-1-1
  • 2 - Call the receptionist (Dial 0)
  • 3 - Find more specific/detailed information within the manual

Hard copies of the plan have been distributed to the appropriate coordinators on and off campus. A digital copy of the plan can be downloaded by clicking the provided link.

2012 WSCC Emergency Response Planicon pdf

Reporting Crimes

Reporting Crimes and Emergencies

In the event a crime is committed on campus, students and employees are advised of the following information:

Criminal actions or other emergencies on campus are to be reported to the Vice President/Treasurer (designated as the chief campus security officer). The Vice President/Treasurer is responsible for responding to all reports of criminal activity. His office is located in the administrative area of the Main Building. The campus extension is 1101 or 1104.

The Marietta City Police Department will be notified in the event of any unlawful activity. Campus security personnel have authority in the area of traffic control, but their authority does not extend to the enforcement of criminal laws.

Students and employees are encouraged to promptly report all criminal activities that might be observed on campus.

Alcohol & Drug Use

Policies on the Use, Possession and Sale of Alcoholic Beverages
and Illegal Drugs

Policies adopted by Washington State Board of Trustees expressly forbid the use, possession, or sale of alcoholic beverages on campus by individuals, whether they be employees, students or visitors. Likewise, the College does not condone or permit the use of or sale of any illegal drugs on campus. The relevant policies listed are available, in full, in the Washington State Policies and Procedures Manual, available in the library.

Sexual Assault

Campus Sexual Assault and Rape Awareness Programs/Counseling Opportunities

The following agency may be contacted for services concerning rape and other sexual assaults:

S.A.I.N 740.374.3111 or 1.800.974.3111

S.A.I.N. recommends the following actions:

  • Go to a safe place
  • Call the rape hotline 740.374.3111
  • Call the police; remember rape is a crime and you have the same rights as any victim of crime
  • Go to the hospital. You may need medical treatment.
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